Graduate Program in Neurosciences 



Code Nr

Τitle of Course

Compulsory (C) / Elective (E)


Semester A
NEURO-101 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience C 8
NEURO-102 Systemic  Neuroscience C 8
NEURO-103 Principles and Methods of the Study of the Nervous System C 5
NEURO-104 Developmental Neurobiology E 4
NEURO-105 Statistics C 4
NEURO-106 Drug Development E 2
NEURO-107 Imaging of CNS Anatomy and Biological Processes  E 2
NEURO-108 Physiology of the Hypothalamic - Pituitary - Adrenal (HPA) Axis E 2
        Total number of ECTS  (minimum): 30 
Semester B
NEURO-201 Neurochemistry / Neuropharmacology C 6
NEURO-202 Psychopharmacology E 4
NEURO-203 Neuroregenerative Pharmacology E 4
NEURO-204 Neuropsychology: Theory and Implementation Ε 4
NEURO-205 Neurobiology and Psychopharmacology of Reward, Addiction and Depression E 6
NEURO-206 Pathophysiology and Molecular Basis of Neurological Diseases Ε 6
NEURO-207 Cellular Mechanisms of Memory and Learning Ε 6
NEURO-208 Principles of Computational Modeling in Neural Circuits  E 3
   Total number of ECTS  (minimum): 30

Semester C

NEURO-301 Laboratory  Rotation C 15
NEURO-302 Laboratory  Rotation C 15
    Total number of  ECTS: 30
  Semester D
NEURO-401 Research Diploma Thesis C 30
  Total number of    ECTS: 30
    Total ECTS (A+  B+C+D): 120