Graduate Program in Neurosciences 






The Graduate Program in Neuroscience will accept applications from candidates who hold Bachelor's degrees from Higher Education Institutions or Technical Education Institutes (TEI) in Greece or from abroad, from Faculties or Departments of Medicine, Biology, Pharmacy, Psychology, Veterinary, and Chemistry.

Up to twenty (20) graduate students will be selected every 2 years.

The evaluation of the students will be according to the following criteria. 

  • Grade of the Degree
  • Grades in the undergraduate courses relevant to the Program
  • Grade in the degree thesis
  • Research Activity of the Applicant
  • Evaluation of Recommendation Letters
  • Proof of competence and fluency in the English language of level B2 or higher (according to the Council of Europe)
  • Interview


Application requirements

  1. Application
  2. Copy of Diploma or Degree
  3. Transcript of Records
  4. Diploma Recognition: students who have received their degree from a non - Greek, European or other University, recognition of equivalence  is needed from the Greek Agency DOATAP. The candidate can be evaluated  without the diploma recognition, but this is essential for the matriculation.
  5. A CV of the candidate, written in English, with information about his/her studies, the academic/professional experience, the scientific/social activities, as well as a list of publications and scientific work (if available)
  6. A Motivation Letter (1 page) where the candidate explains the reasons and his/her motivations for participating in the graduate programme
  7. Two recommendation letters
  8. Proof of knowledge and fluency in the English language of level B2 or higher (according to the Council of Europe) for applicants whose first language is not English
  9. Application-solemn statement declaring that the candidate is not a matriculated student in another graduate program



Initiation & Duration of Graduate Studies  


The new academic year starts in the fall semester every two years. The Program leads to a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Neuroscience after four semesters of courses and research laboratory rotations.


In the first two semesters, students take five (5) mandatory courses (core courses in molecular/cellular and systems neuroscience, methods in the study of the Nervous System, neurochemistry/neuropharmacology and statistics) and choose from a list of electives, such as neurophysiology, developmental neurobiology, psychopharmacology, regenerative pharmacology, neurobiology and psychopharmacology of addiction, reward and depression, pathophysiology and molecular basis of neurological disease, physiology of the HPA axis, cellular mechanisms of learning and memory (60 ECTS credits).

In  the  third   semester  the students perform two (2) three-month laboratory rotations, and the fourth semester is dedicated to their research thesis (total 120 ECTS credits). Students are also obliged to participate in research seminars, special seminars on bioethics in human and animal  research, and scientific writing.The program is full-time and the attendance is mandatory.


For the successful completion of their studies, the students must take the appropriate courses to accumulate at least 120 ECTS credits (30 ECTS per   semester).